A Church Where Everyone is Welcome! Kempston East Methodist Church Wesley Guild

The meetings rotate and will be either:

Devotional - where a Minister or Local Preacher, or Worship Leader will speak to us;

Christian Service - where a speaker(s) will talk about their Christian Work and service in this Country or Countries throughout the world;

Literary and Cultural - where a speaker(s) will talk, discuss or show pictures on a specific theme of general interest;

Social and Musical - where a person(s) will involve the audience with quizzes, games or maybe a talk, recite, sing or play music.

We all find Guild life to be most warming and welcoming and everyone, not just Church members but also anyone from outside the Church would be made most welcome.     There is no membership fee, but a small collection is taken each week, the money from which goes to pay for guest speakers, their charities or other worth while charities throughout the world.   Our meetings last about an hour with an added 30 minutes or so for a cup of tea, biscuit and chat.     

Guild Motto ‘One Heart – One Way’