A Church Where Everyone is Welcome! Kempston East Methodist Church News / Events Keep update with the latest news and special events. Old Events Kempston East Annual Plant Sale &  Coffee Morning Saturday 14th May  Plants from 8 am to 12 noon Coffee & Cake from 10 am to 12 noon Easter at Kempston East The Christmas Season at Kempston East Brigades Carol Service Sunday 23rd December 10:30am Its time to get all nostalgic at the Kempston East Nativity Service. Children’s Christmas Celebration Candlelit Carol Service Sunday 23rd December 6:00pm Its time to get all traditional at the Kempston East Carol Service. Children’s Christmas Carol Service Saturday 24th December 4:00pm Join the children for their special Carol Service at Kempston East. Christmas Communion Saturday 24th December 11:30pm Its time to get reflective at the Kempston East midnight communion service. Christmas Day Service Sunday 25th December 10:30am Its Here! Its time to celebrate the birthday of our Saviour and Creator here at Kempston East. Monday 3rd December 7:00pm Warm-up your vocal chords and join us for a fun evening supporting our boys & girls brigades carol service.